We help demonstrate compliance with codes, standards and regulations in fire, life safety and electrical areas. Our testing, inspection, and certification services can help you with pre-market and post-market compliance.

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Field Evaluations and Inspections
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that all electrical equipment be “approved” for use in the workplace. If equipment is customized or if it has been modified, it is likely that a field evaluation is needed in order for the authority having jurisdiction to accept the equipment and approve for use. We apply our knowledge of NFPA 70®, National Electrical Code® and product-specific standards to ensure your equipment is approved for use.
Product Evaluation Services
For customers and authorities having jurisdiction, it is important to quickly and easily determine if a product complies with all relevant requirements. This can be complicated depending on the product, the application, and where it is being installed. This is why we offer product evaluation services. Our technical team will review your product, the relevant code requirements, and help ensure that your product is recognized and accepted in the market.
Building Evaluation Services
Managing, evaluating, or reviewing the safety of buildings and its occupants is critical. Whether it is new construction or an existing building, we are ready to help you demonstrate compliance, apply best practices, and ensure effective programs are in place and maintained. We do this by applying our knowledge of codes and standards in the areas of electrical, fire, and life safety.

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